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Re: Question for candidate Robinson

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 03:53:18PM -0800, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:
> > Because the first mention i got of the problem was when some debian-legal
> > following idiot send me a bug report that my package was non-free, that
> > debian-legal reached consensus, and that i should please either move it to
> > non-free or force the upstream author to relicence it. This took me out of
> > years of blissful ignorance of debian-legal into the thick of the action, and
> > very negatively colored debian-legal's relevance.
> So your package was non-free and neither you nor the ftpmasters
> noticed it.  This is debian-legal's fault?

No, the package was not non-free, and the argumentation which brought said guy
to claim consensus had been reached was not sound, nor was there real
consensus i believe.

Still, debian-legal should inform the maintainers and invite them to take part
of the discussion when examining packages which have been in main for years.


Sven Luther

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