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Re: Question for candidate Robinson

Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT> wrote:
> No, but I see no point in discussing licensing issues with a dozen of
> people who keep saying that they reached consensus a couple of years
> ago and I should shut up, so I tend to avoid most threads.

Frankly, I remember more posts of short contradictions than
discussion. However, if you disagree with someone but are willing
to do what they say, that's your choice. I feel it's wrong of you
to then go around rubbishing debian contributors in other media
because of it. Please act about the source of your unhappiness.
I suggest the best method is to discuss rather than contradict
and try to destroy.

Then again, I suspect I disagree with people about that
approach. When I posted in another vote thread, I tried to
explain why I believe a particular thing, but still was told I
needed to be "somewhat more reasonable" which sucks. I expect
to be challenged about the basis for things not obviously
true, not on whether my expression is reasonable. Any road,
I realised we don't all use the same language, even when all
writing English. Try tabling an idea around here...

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