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Re: Questions for candidate Walther

On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 02:19:28AM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
Please explain how you reconcile this claim with the periodic
announcements from the release team stating that Debian is currently
missing key bits of architecture that prevent us from releasing sarge.

The OpenBSD six-month cycle is clear; if a new change is ready, it
doesn't go in.  Since we still have a previous stable release, the six
month release cycle means our current stable release will be released as
the new release if necessary.  Including all possible updates that
passed through testing, of course.

Please also elaborate on the conversations you've had with the release
team, the porter teams, the installer team, the CD team, the stable
release manager, and the security team that would warrant asserting
that you as a DPL would be able to commit the project to a 6-month
release cycle.

I committed to working toward a six-month cycle.  As DPL, I have no
desire to act unilaterally.  Once a sufficient number of us are inspired
with the right vision, things will just happen.  As DPL, my job is to
inspire-with-vision.  And that is something I am good at.

Whatever my other flaws, you can be guaranteed that I will always
listen to what you have to say.

Please explain how you reconcile this statement with the fact that I
have been assured by several people that you posted a copy of your IRC
client's config file, showing that you are ignoring all comments from
one of Debian's release managers.

Since every comment you've made about me on IRC for the past three years
has been nasty, rude, and unpleasant, I put you on /ignore.  But you
will notice you were still able to email me.  If you had picked up the
telephone and given me a ring, I would have rewarded your effort.  I
find it sad that this email is the most civil communication I've ever
recieved from you.

Listening to people does not mean being a doormat for them.  I don't get
angry, and I don't hold grudges, but I certainly do tune out "noise".
When the noise stops, listening resumes.

Complementing this, I am a gifted public speaker, pleasant, polite,
and a keen listener.

Please explain how you reconcile this claim with this quote from you on
#debian-devel on irc.debian.org:

<SirDibos> any woman wants another baby, I'll be happy to oblige.
making babies is my specialty

The jokes one makes among friends are considerably different from the
restrained tones of one adopts in civilized company.  The activities of
#debian-devel have always had the flavor of the wild west, not that of a
bridge club.

When in Rome, I do as the Romans do.  Do you?


It's not true unless it makes you laugh, but you don't understand it until it makes you weep.

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