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Questions for candidate Walther

Hi Jonathan,

In your platform, you write:

> With Debian's archive pool, we always have something to release. We will not
> need to compromise our high standards in any way. If new software isn't
> ready to go in the stable release, it just won't go in. With a regular
> release cycle, this isn't a worry; there is always the next release in six
> months. Ubuntu and Xouvert both borrowed the 6-month concept from OpenBSD.
> It is proven, it works, and it will turn Debian into a monster powerhouse of
> software goodness.

Please explain how you reconcile this claim with the periodic announcements
from the release team stating that Debian is currently missing key bits of
architecture that prevent us from releasing sarge.

Please also elaborate on the conversations you've had with the release team,
the porter teams, the installer team, the CD team, the stable release
manager, and the security team that would warrant asserting that you as a
DPL would be able to commit the project to a 6-month release cycle.

> Whatever my other flaws, you can be guaranteed that I will always listen
> to what you have to say.

Please explain how you reconcile this statement with the fact that I have
been assured by several people that you posted a copy of your IRC client's
config file, showing that you are ignoring all comments from one of Debian's
release managers.

> Complementing this, I am a gifted public speaker, pleasant, polite, and a
> keen listener. 

Please explain how you reconcile this claim with this quote from you on
#debian-devel on irc.debian.org:

> <SirDibos> any woman wants another baby, I'll be happy to oblige. making
> babies is my specialty

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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