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Re: Questions for candidates: as spokesperson of Debian Project

On Sun, Mar 06, 2005 at 05:48:20PM +0900, Kenshi Muto wrote:
> Hi,
> As far as I read threads, they are mainly focused Project inside.
> Yes, they are important issue, but I think one of DPL's work is
> a representation to the world as spokesperson.

This is true and it is an other great application for the DPL
team: Bdale has a unique position to communicate with buissness
people, Enrico can talk to NP people better then most others,
Branden speaks fluent english legalese, if necessary. I myself
would be able to connect well to a broad variety of differnt
people, too.

> Questions:
> * Do you think DPL has spokesperson's job?

Yes, but primary he is the Debian Project Leader, not the Debian
Press Contact.

> * What do you think about Debian Project acts for political/legal
>   theme with other projects such as FSF, EFF and so on? (Although
>   we've already done sometimes.)

I can not parse this. could you rephrase this?

> * If foreign people asks you speech or discussion, can you make a time
>   to trip even if the place is too far from your home?

Even without beeing DPL i traveled ten(?) times (partly to other
continents) during the last year on debian buissness to
conferences and gatherings. I gave talks on a variety of subjects
and before different audiences and am good at it.

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