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Re: Questions for candidates: as spokesperson of Debian Project

Kenshi Muto wrote:
* What do you think about Debian Project acts for political/legal
  theme with other projects such as FSF, EFF and so on? (Although
  we've already done sometimes.)
> * Do you think DPL has spokesperson's job?

Ideally, I think the people explaining what's going on should be the one's doing the work, rather than having some specific spokesperson. Further, the primary audience for Debian is, in my opinion, our users whom we can reach directly via debian-announce, debian-devel-announce, debian-user and our website. I think that's a more important focus than talking to the press; though I'd expect to have to work on improving my handling of both those things if elected.

As far as political/legal statements go, I like the current process of having interested developers prepare statements and have the DPL sign off on them when they're done and there's a consensus they make sense. I don't think there's any need for the DPL to do a lot of work here, beyond providing some basic coordination and motivation.

* If foreign people asks you speech or discussion, can you make a time
  to trip even if the place is too far from your home?



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