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Question for Andreas and Branden


First of all I want to thank you for running as DPL.

I appreciate very much the idea of the "DPL team" proposed in your platforms.

I also appreciate very much the degree of freedom offered by our election
system, that allows us to choose both to vote for your team, and who we would
like more as the "team leader", all at the same time!

In order for us to produce a useful ranking, though, I think it's it would be
nice from you to elaborate a bit on what exactly things would be different if
one or the other gets elected. Of course only the winner will hold the official
position of "the DPL", be formally responsible for all the decisions, be crowned
at the debconf (sic, I'm so sorry I won't probably be able to be there this
year), etc.

What I would really like to know is if you think that the decisions and the
actions of the team you're proposing will be the same if either of you gets
chosen, or that things would change, even slightly, and in this case which
would. I think knowing this is really important in order to avoid people
"flattening" both of you in the same position in their ranking, or just rank you
based on personal sympathy, rather than technical/political position.

Thanks for your attention and your time!


Guido Trotter
Jabber ID: ultrotter@jabber.quaqua.net

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