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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

Ean Schuessler <ean@brainfood.com> writes:

> I will continue to respond to inquiries on this topic on Debian
> -vote. You have expressed your opinion that this is off topic for
> vote. Since Branden is running for DPL (or has, at least, begun
> rallying support) and since the topic of discussion is his success
> as an officer of SPI, I modestly submit that you are wrong.

Where has he been "rallying support"?  Where is he an announced candidate?

> For the time being I have sufficiently stated the facts, unquestionable as 
> they are, and am content to wait for further discussion.

What you have stated are not the facts.  Are you afraid to bring them
up on the SPI mailing lists where they belong?

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