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General Resolution: Force AMD64 into Sasrge

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 Time Line:  Proposal and amendment Tuessday, July 13^th, 2004 -> 2004
               Discussion Period:   Tuessday, July 13^th, 2004 -> 2004
                 Voting Period                            2004 -> 2004

 Proposal 1  Josselin Mouette [joss@debian.org]

 Proposal 1   1. Christopher L Cheney [ccheney@debian.org]
  Seconds:    2. Robert Millan [rmh@debian.org]
              3. Xavier Roche [xavier@debian.org]
              4. Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt [he@debian.org]
              5. Alexander Wirt [formorer@debian.org]

Proposal 1:  Force the AMD64 into Sarge and into Sid, overriding policy
             The actual text of the GR is:

             The Debian Project,

             based on its Social Contract stating that its priorities
             are its users and free software,

             and acknowledging that its users want to take advantage
             of all this architecture's features,

             hereby resolves:

              1. that the next Debian GNU/Linux release, code named
                 `sarge', will include the `amd64' architecture, based
                 on the work currently hosted at
                 http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/ ;
              2. that non-compliance of that `amd64' distribution with
                 the Linux Standard Base specification for IA32 will
                 not be considered a release-critical bug;
              3. that we will include it immediately in the "sid"
                 distribution and auto-building infrastructure, and
                 take all appropriate steps so that inclusion won't
                 delay the release of `sarge' any further.


             With our current release timeframe, AMD64 is likely to
             become the most sold architecture for personal computers
             way before the release that will follow sarge. If we
             don't release sarge with AMD64 support, our users will be
             very disappointed. The popularity of the debian-amd64
             project just shows what they are waiting for.

             Furthermore, the AMD64 architecture is mostly ready. It
             now builds just as many packages as our other release
             architectures, and it has a working installer.

             The only valid reasons for not including it are lack of
             LSB compliance (which can still be easily achieved with a
             i386 chroot) and mirror space (which will be saved using
             partial mirroring).  Another reason seems to be the lack
             of cooperation of some developers. This resolution
             intends to make everyone cooperate in this direction. Of
             course, the author of this resolution would welcome if
             the people responsible would just do it, thereby making
             this resolution superfluous.

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