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Re: What your ballot should look like if you're in favor of releasing sarge

WV> Who's to say what's "valid" and what isn't? When I originally read (and
WV> agreed with) the SC, there was nobody to tell me that the way I read it
WV> at the time wasn't considered "valid". There was also nobody who pointed
WV> me at the subtle inconsistency in the way I interpreted the original SC.
WV> Sue me, English isn't my native language.

I don't see much value in quibbling over the actual words in the
original Social Contract.  I think the actual meaning we intend for the
current SC is far more important.

RM> Given historical practice, that's not an unreasonable interpretation.

Historically, Debian has had numerous ideals.  Not a single Debian
release has demonstrated achievement of all those ideals.  Now, you can
infer from this that we didn't really have those ideals, and achieved
our real ideals, or you can infer that we compromised our ideals out of
pragmatism or ignorance.  Or you can infer something else entirely.

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