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Re: Constitution: typographical errors

On Monday 21 June 2004 11:54 am, Matthias Lutz wrote:
> > BTW, is §§ really correct?
> I think so, because this passage refers to sections 7 and A. Double
> section signs (or 'ss') are a common device for citation of multiple
> sections in legal texts.  Correct usage seems to be described in "The
> Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation" (rule 3.4).  I am still
> searching for a copy of this or a similar book to quote from, however.

From the holy Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (17th Edition), Rule 3.4:

(b) Multiple sections and subsections.  When citing consecutive sections or 
subsections, give inclusive numbers; do no use 'et seq." Identical digits or 
letters preceding a punctuation mark may be omitted, unless doing so would 
create confusion.  Otherwise retain all digits.

...omit irrelevant examples...

When citing scatter sections, separate the sections with commas:

N.J Stat. Ann. (s)(s) 18A;54-1, -3, -6 (West 1989)

Repeat digits if necessary to avoid confusion:

N.J. Stat. Ann (s)(s) 18A:58-17, :58-25, :64A-22.1, :64-22.6 (West 1989)

When citing multiple subsections within a single section, use only one section 

28 U.S.C. (s) 105(a)(3)-(b)(1) (1994)
19 U.S.C. (s) 1485(a)(1)-(3) (1994)
Del. Code Ann. tit. 9, (s) 6919(a)-(c) (1989)

When citing multiple subsections within different sections, use two section 

19 U.S.C. (s)(s) 1485(a), 1486(b) (1994)

Wow, less than a week after my first year in Law School and I'm already citing 
the blue book!!  I need to get a life.


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