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Re: _Our_ resolution merely affirms the status quo

Andrew M.A. Cater writes ("Re: _Our_ resolution merely affirms the status quo"):
> I posted a comment a long time ago, which might bear repeating
> (something close to the text below IIRC).
> The Debian developers changed their policy and fundamental documents
> when the Sarge release was 90% complete. It would be inequitable to 
> release Sarge under the changed terms and conditions. Accordingly,
> we choose to release the Sarge release under the same Social Contract
> and DFSG as were in place for the Woody release.

This is a very interesting and relevant way to look at it, yes.

> [The key word here is probably inequitable - we can't hold a whole
> release to something we only agree to close to the end. I'm not
> suggesting this as binding precedent for any future release - lets
> just ship Sarge OK?]

Quite so.

> FWIW, Steve Macintyre and a couple of others appeared to agree.
> Lets ship the bloody release - we're at rc1 of the installer which
> is what seems to have held us up for so long.  I'm already hearing
> nay sayers telling me that Debian won't release before 2005 at the
> earliest. Let's prove them wrong :)

Indeed so - I agree with you.  But count me as a pessimist :-).


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