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Re: _Our_ resolution merely affirms the status quo

* Ian Jackson (ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk) [040602 07:10]:
> I'm disappointed at the amount of nonsense being posted in this thread
> along the following lines:
> [...]
> Now of course I have an opinion about what the Social Contract says
> and I think people who disagree either have poor reading comprehension
> or an axe to grind, or both.  No doubt people on both sides of this
> argument feel similarly.
> But this is no excuse for arguing the legal technicalities (`what does
> the Social Contract mean') as opposed to the moral/practical issues
> (`should we release Sarge in this state, or delay') !

I think that you also mean me with your mail. Perhaps you're right,
and it may be the best to drop both proposals F and G from the ballot.
I wouldn't stand in the way of dropping both proposals together from
the ballot, and vote about the remaining proposals now.

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