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Re: Ready to vote on 2004-003?

* Anthony Towns (aj@azure.humbug.org.au) [040524 19:55]:
> It's interesting, though, that not only did no one else propose a GR to
> support that policy at the time, but you didn't propose a GR to set the
> policy you believed was correct either -- even though you opposed the
> decision, apparently thought that it was against the social contract,
> and you're now claiming that you thought the GR process was the right
> way to make that decision at the time anyway.
> Why, you'd almost think that there was an ulterior motive here somewhere.
> Also, the only thing I did was make the policy explicit; it hasn't
> changed until now in the entire time I've been in the project.

Perhaps it's possible to write this policy down in an explicit way and
adopt it as part of the user part of "Our priorities are our users and
free software".

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