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Re: Summary: Proposal - Rescind GR 2004-003

>>>>>  OA == Osamu Aoki [2004-5-9]


OA> Thus this web page should be more like:
OA> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
OA> Proposal D:  Rescinds the previous GR, reverting to the version 1.0 of the
OA> social contract.

OA> This amendment deletes everything but clause 1 of
OA> proposal A.

OA> The actual text of the GR is:

OA> The Debian Project,

OA> hereby resolves:

OA> 1. that the amendments to the Social Contract contained within
OA> the General Resolution Editorial Amendments To The Social
OA> Contract (2004 vote 003) be immediately rescinded.

OA> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

OA> This makes it clear which previous proposal we are talking about on
OA> the web page and gurantees exact resolution contents. Is this
OA> something everyone agree?

Fine with me.

OA> PS: I send original summary to everyone seconded prior to posting it
OA> to avoid this kind of confusion.  No complaint nor suggestion was
OA> there.

At this moment, you shouldn't expect a response from me on this topic in
less than some days, it's not my top priority.  When I got a chance to
reply to your summary, you already posted it here (which is fine, I'm
not asking for anybody to wait until I'm ready to reply).

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