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Re: Proposal - Deferment of Changes from GR 2004-003

Guido Trotter writes:

> This may be bad, since we've just changed the SC, and we actually don't
> want to change it back. (It may be bad publicity too)
> Can't we have a GR that simply overrules aj's decision about his personal
> interpretation of the SC (according to the constitution § 4.1.3) and simply
> reaffirms that the changes done to the social contract are only editorial, 
> and are done to clarify its meaning?
> Actually none of us have any problems with the new SC, it's only aj's
> decision to anticipate dealing with this issues before sarge, instead of
> after it, that we don't like...

Let me see if I understand correctly:

Debian revises its SC to remove an ambiguity.  The release manager
applies the new terms to the next major release of Debian.  People
disagree with that, and instead want to override his decision so that
sarge will intentionally breach the SC.

And you say reverting the changes would be bad publicity?


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