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Re: SC changes

Don Armstrong <don@donarmstrong.com> writes:

> If you only like specific parts of a proposal, and there are enough
> people who share you viewpoint for it to matter (6 people to second
> your proposal) then you just need to propose an amendment
> incorporating the parts you like and removing the parts that you
> don't.

So, duh, that was the *point* of my suggestion.  But I don't have the
arrogance to just declare "this is the best way" without hearing
discussion, which is what I was trying to invite.  

Sadly, Debian seems to head for the meta-discussion by a sort of
nervous tick.  

So, can we discuss the different sections separately, and then perhaps
replace the current proposals (much of which I do like) with
section-by-section consideration, so that we can get each section as
good as possible?  

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