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Re: I am the "50,000,000" visitor to this site! What have I won?

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 02:32:47PM +1100, Raelene Neander wrote:
> I went to a site to to download 3d wolfenstein for free, and up flashed a sign saying that I was the 50,000,000 visitor to the site, and also I had won a prize.

Ah, finally someone who might tell us what's going on.

Which site was it that told you you had won something?

> When I got to the prize departments site, ...

Where is this prize departments site?  How did you get from there to the
debian-vote mailing list?  We're not holding any contest or giving out
any prizes.

> What is going on??

We'd like to know too.  We keep getting people here who ask for their
prize, but they never reply when we ask them for details.

Richard Braakman

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