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I am the "50,000,000" visitor to this site! What have I won?

I went to a site to to download 3d wolfenstein for free, and up flashed a sign saying that I was the 50,000,000 visitor to the site, and also I had won a prize.  It told me to shut the window and contact the prize department - which I did.  When I got to the prize departments site, all I found was other messages from people also stating they were whatever number visitor to whatever site they were visiting, and they seem not to have been awarded any prize that they were told they had won.  What is going on??  Shouldn't us "winners" be awarded the prize that we are entitled to?  I think when someone is "blessed" like this, just because they are whatever number visitor to a site and it is flashed up on their screen that they have won something, the company that flashes that they have won, should keep up their end of the bargain!  I am sure that every other "winner" would agree with me.  WHERE ARE OUR PRIZES?? 

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