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Candidate questions/musings

I have a bit of a cantankerous question for the candidates:

Do you think it's possible for Debian to have a leader anymore?
Recent "leaders" have all been coordinator type people.  And while
that's fine... they've all been nice, intelligent, thoughtful people
who are of course very dedicated to the project... none of them seems
to have really done much to take Debian anywhere new and interesting.

Frankly, the most exciting development in Debian I've seen lately is
Bruce Perens' UserLinux, which aims to produce something that would be
much more useful to me in a lot of ways than 13 cd's full of packages
that I'll most likely never use.  Not that I'm not grateful for them,
it's really handy to have them, just... I want a coherent core +
aptable addons.

In any case... I think Martin's record is pretty clear on this one.
Branden, what would you do differently about the "leadership thing"?

David N. Welton
   Consulting: http://www.dedasys.com/
     Personal: http://www.dedasys.com/davidw/
Free Software: http://www.dedasys.com/freesoftware/
   Apache Tcl: http://tcl.apache.org/

PS Really, I mean no disrespect to Martin or any other past leaders.
   The ones I've met have been very nice individuals.  Maybe too nice
   to kick some ass and make things happen?:-)

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