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Re: First Call for votes: General resolution for the handling of the non-free section

On Tue, 9 Mar 2004 12:14:35 +1100, Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> said: 

> On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 06:55:38PM -0600, Debian Project Secretary
> wrote:
>> -=-=-=-=-=- Don't Delete Anything Between These Lines =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
>> [ ] Choice 1: Cease active support of non-free [3:1 majority needed]
>> [ ] Choice 2: Re-affirm support for non-free
>> [ ] Choice 3: Further Discussion
>> -=-=-=-=-=- Don't Delete Anything Between These Lines =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

> this vote is missing a "None of the above" option.

	Typically, that options is present in DPL election ballots
 (since it is required by the constitution). Non election GR ballots
 have "Further Discussion", also mandated by the constitution.

	Adding any other option to the ballot should go through the
 normal process; since
  a) I think it is pointless, voting further discussion ahead of
     either proposition means that non of the proposals are
  b) I think it would be an abuse of power for me to just tack the
     option on wearing the secretaries hat.

> this is significant because it makes it impossible to put NOTA ahead
> of "Further Discussion".

	If you wanted a non of the above option, you needed to propose
 such an amendment, and get sponsors; the constitution is pretty clear
 about required ballot options.

> NOTA should be on any call for votes, but especially any ballot that
> has a "Further Discussion" option should also have a "none of the
> above" option (aka the "STFU about it" option).

	You should, then, propose the constitutional amendment GR, and
 find sponsors.

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