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Re: Proposal: Keep non-free

#include <hallo.h>
* MJ Ray [Sun, Mar 07 2004, 11:44:16PM]:

> >hardware manufacturers (in the last instance) only. Do you think that
> >they produce everything built in their devices?
> Do you really think that hardware manufacturers don't decide what to 
> build into their devices?

Of course they do, but they have different primary goals, eg. produce
the hardware product in this century, make it good enough to sell enough
of it. Or do you prefer hardware that is 10 times slower or incompatible
to what 95% of the market uses, beeing 200% more expensive?

> >Are you really so naive
> >to think that everything in the hardware world can be powered by free
> >software only?
> Are you so naive to think that all this stuff about "3rd party IP" is 
> the end of the line?

Huch? I did never say ALL.

> >[...] The vendors of Debian media are free to master them
> >as needed and they often (?always?) integrate non-free. The term
> >"official" does not mean much then.
> Your comments seem inconsistent with reality. Check the CD vendors 
> list for many offers of official CDs. Very far from all vendors offer 
> non-free.

A-Ha. Looking at the tree most-known CD seller in my country (Lehmanns,
LinuxLand, Schlittermann), I guess that 90% of the sold media actually
contain non-free software. And moving the non-free tree to another
server just to "draw a line" for no real reasons sounds a bit childish to

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