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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

Helen Faulkner wrote:

I wasn't assuming that. I'm technically not that bad myself. That's not the point. The point is that *on average* I believe a woman is going to feel less confident about this stuff than a man with similar skill. Do you have anoher suggestion as to why women don't get involved in debian, given that, as you point out, there are people out there with the skill to do so?

This kind of situation also applies in the other field I know something about - academic physics. Same thing - male dominated field, where most women feel less confident of their skill than their male colleagues. Especially when they are starting out in the area and haven't gained much experience yet (eg postgraduate students). It has nothing to do wih their actual level of skill. It's something else, and in my experience (I've talked to lots of people in different institutions and countries), it's so widespread as to be almost across the board.

Being very frank here, I *really* do not think that changing the social demographic is in any way related to the Debian project. People either think they can or they think they can't join Debian.

Currently most of the developers in the western world are men. Currently most of the new teachers in the USA are women. DPL can't be asked to change that. [Normal] Governmental policies can't even change that.

So in a nutshell, I think that this point in moot. DPL can't really affect the DD demographics - it is up to the actual societies (ie. the world *outside* Debian and GNU :)

- Adam

PS. Just a small note; since the Internet is rather anonymous, if a woman would feel apprehensive in posting a bug report, whatever, due to the fact the she may be identified as a women, well, just change the name to 'Bob' or something. No one will know!

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