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tb's questions for the candidates

A. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing Debian in the
coming year?  What would you do as Project Leader to try and meet this

B. What should the Project Leader's role be when Debian comes into
significant and important conflict with other free software
organizations?  (As an example, I'm thinking of the conflict with the
FSF about the DFSG vs. GNU FDL.)

C. Being the Project Leader is a major responsibility.  What are the
other Project-related and non-Project-related responsibilities which
would compete for your time, and how would you manage that conflict?

D. People become Debian Maintainers by a complex administrative
process, involving three different folks who have to agree on any new
Maintainer: the Advocate, the Application Manager, and the Accounts
Managers.  I'm not interested in the details of how this process
works.  My question is: Should the Constitution specify at least who
has the actual formal approval over this process?  In other words,
right now it's not clear what the exact lines of authority are.

E. Debian does not have a formal process for removing a delinquent
developer.  Should we have one?  And if so, what are the sorts of
things for which it would be appropriate to remove a developer?  (I'm
not inviting speculation here on what such a process would look like.)


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