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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

> > > As a female hacker/geek/DD I find myself more and more concerned about
> > > the gender ratio in the Debian Developer/User comunity. How can we say
> > > make a "Universal" OS when it's do scarcely related to half the
> > > population of the world... I think we all agree we want to see more
> > > women involved in or using Debian. 
> > 
> > Indeed, we do! All these Debian parties seem to look like gay parties
> > (not that I have anything wrong with gay people, as long as they don't
> > try to molest me. Even more, I definitely would not have any problem
> > looking over the lesbian movie collection the all-time DPL has access to
> > - as some nasty rumours say)
> > 
> You *PROMISED* me that I could molest you in return for my vote!  I feel

You *TOLD* me you were a bi-girl!  Stupid internet thing! I'm sooo going
to drag it into the recycle bin..! I will DELETE ALL OF YOU! HA!

Now apologize! Or else...!1!! (I'll do the developer dance)

Gergely `Ballmer' Nagy

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