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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

> As a female hacker/geek/DD I find myself more and more concerned about
> the gender ratio in the Debian Developer/User comunity. How can we say
> make a "Universal" OS when it's do scarcely related to half the
> population of the world... I think we all agree we want to see more
> women involved in or using Debian. 

Indeed, we do! All these Debian parties seem to look like gay parties
(not that I have anything wrong with gay people, as long as they don't
try to molest me. Even more, I definitely would not have any problem
looking over the lesbian movie collection the all-time DPL has access to
- as some nasty rumours say)

Besides, women just look better, so they are obviously better
representatives of Debian on conferences where we should convince PHBs
to use Debian. Imagine a good looking girl with a swirl tattod on her
belly! Lets face it, if you're a PHB, you'd just listen to her with more
pleasure than to a long haired, bearded guy with a pair of thick
eyeglasses, wouldn't you?

> I would be very interested in knowing what's is each candidate's plan or
> ideas on this subject, how to get more women involved, and what (in
> their opinion) would be the benefits.

We should start a great campaign to recruit beautiful babes. However,
until the time this campaing can be sucessful, we have a lot of things
to do. We have to make Debian attractive to these young and
horny^Wdedicated ladies! First, we need to figure out what female
hackers find attractive. However, as women are an unresolved mistery to
any man on earth, we need women to do this job for us. Thus, we need a
female delegation, whose only purpose would be to interview all lady
geeks around the globe and summarise what we need to do.

On the other hand, leaving this tedious task only to our beloved ladies
would be just unfair, so we, male beings, should take our share too, and
brainstorm a little about this problem.

Or rather, experiment. We could - for example - radically change the
Debian website, to be more attractive to girls. Like have a pink
background, lots of flowers and.. and.. half-naked bodybuilders in each
corner, a flash game of feed-the-kitten (of course, this would be
running a flash version of tama!), and stuff like that. I'm open to all
good ideas.

Some of the benefits, I outlined above. However, while writing this few
paragraph, I've got another idea, that might be good as a feature to
make Debian more attractive to ladies, and as a side effect, would be a
benefit to most of our existing developer base too. We could set up an
online geek-dating system: imagine! Debian's density of geeks is most
probably the highest, and many of us are young and single, aspiring for
a geekis significant other! Registration in the dating database would
involve going through the NM process, and bingo! We have lots of females
wanting geek boyfriends. I'm amazed how brilliant I can be at times.

> I hope I am not firing a big flame war here. This is not what I intend.
> I just want to hear (read) what kind of tama Gergely Nagy has in mind :-)

Ooooh! There's another idea! We can feed Gone with the Wind (iirc that
was the title), th script of Titanic and other stuff to a megahal, put a
tama frontend on it, dress it up as a girl, then feed it our
constitution, policy and -devel without the flamewars, and we have a
new, female developer!

Thanks Amaya!

>  Listening to Pearl Jam - Ten - 3 - Alive

That's some good stuff there.

Gergelybrush Nagywood

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