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Re: Questions to candidates

* Marc Haber <mh+vote@zugschlus.de> [2004-03-03 14:56]:
> > How many role accounts are read exclusively by James and no one
> > else?
> The question should be, how many role accounts are acted on
> exclusively by James.

To some degree[1], two.  Both have been working fine in the last six
months, though; and even though they have been working fine I am in
contact with James to see how more people can be added to these roles.

[1] I say "to some degree" because it's not clear what "are acted on
exclusively" means.  As I said in another e-mail, there are no role
accounts where only James answers e-mails so in this sense stuff is
not acted upon exclusively by James.  However, there are two (keyring,
DAM) where James makes the final decisions about things, so you could
see that as exclusive.
Martin Michlmayr

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