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DFSG-free Project (was Re: Proposal: Keep non-free)

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 22:11, MJ Ray wrote:
> > However, if any software had that as a condition of distribution, that
> > software could only be distributed in non-free.
> As you have pointed out before, the project and the distribution are 
> different. I think the project is already not "DFSG-like free": it 
> discriminates against certain fields of endeavour in some ways. It 
> would be difficult to do otherwise. Your claim seems very obvious. I 
> don't think the DFSG are supposed to apply to the project, only the 
> distribution, but ICBW.

This has come up a few times in this discussion and earlier, and
you've put it very succinctly - the project is not DFSG free.

Should if it should be?

If so why - what [dis]advantages (practical, and strategic) are
there, and what consequences can we imagine?

It kind of feels intuitively attractive to me, to have an entirely
DFSG-free project producing DFSG-free deliverables.

(Note CCed to -devel where this new discussion is likely more
appropriate - I'm guessing ??)


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