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Re: Candidate social contract amendments (part 1: editorial) (3rd draft)

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 10:51:38PM +0000, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> This got delayed a bit longer than I was hoping, but I think this
> covers everything. Changes from the second draft are at the end. I'll
> propose a GR based around this in a few days.

And I just sent a modified version of my own proposal -- I'd forgotten
about this.  I should have waited another five minutes.

Note: as you've currently proposed this, it's not clear whether you
intended to offer it as an alternative to your other proposal or not.

There are a few things in there that I like.  If you are willing to
propose a version which combines this with your other proposal, I'll be
happy to update mine, yet again, with the parts I like.

[If you want to keep them separate, it would only make sense if we
got the minor corrections out of the way before the major updates --
otherwise the major updates would be wiped out by the minor corrections.
And that's aside from the basic principle of trying to make the best
available choice.]



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