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Re: Subject: Proposal - keep non-free, but commit to actively encouraging making individual packages obsolet

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 09:26:11PM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> That said, you say : 
>        Additionally, we will work to provide free alternatives to
>        non-free software so people who using only free software can work
>        with users of non-free software.
> Which means moslty the same as what i propose, mmm, maybe there is
> something not so clear here. I don't like the turn of this phrase, maybe
> it should be "people who use only free software" or something such ?

Thanks, I'll fix the grammar.

> Also, this means that we will provide free alternatives, which is a bit
> more but also a bit less than what i propose. In my proposal the free
> alternatives could well not be packaged (yet). But on the same time, my
> proposal will not only make us provide free alternatives, but also we
> will commit to providing a current status information of what the free
> alternative are, and where they stand in functionality with regard to
> the non-free package. Other details of my proposal are maybe best left
> to technical details.

Mine doesn't say when the free alternatives will be available.
It can't -- that wouldn't make sense.

My proposal also doesn't mandate any specific tracking of those
alternatives, but that wouldn't prevent us from implementing
some sort of tracking.



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