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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSDvotetallying

Manoj said:
>	Ah, so now it is a matter of determining intent. So, short of
> providing code for telepathically determining the voters intent, how
> can one cater to people who really find A unacceptable, and are
> voting honestly, from people who would consider A acceptable, but are
> lying to give B an edge?

By using a voting system where lying *doesn't* give B an edge. Got the idea yet?

In a pure Condorcet system with a default option, lying about the acceptability of A *doesn't* help B. In a system with your 'quorum', it can help B. In a system using cloneproof SSD for tie resolution, it can help B (but only when there isn't a Condorcet/"Ideal Democratic" winner).


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