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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD vote tallying

On Tue, 27 May 2003 10:18:18 -0400, Andrew Pimlott <andrew@pimlott.net> said: 

> ... and also more likely than if a plain Condorcet method were used.
> Which complicates the analysis, because it's easy to construct cases
> where B voters can beat A with strategy under both Condorcet+SSD and
> "approval+Condorcet+SSD".  Here is a situation in which they are
> different:
                sincere         strategy by BAD

                9 ABD           9 ABD
                6 BAD           6 BDA

	Hmm. What if I truly want to express the opinion that I like
 A, and really and truly find B unacceptable, and thus express my
 preference as BDA? 

	Why is this to be considered "strategic", as opposed to truly
 expressing my preference? Why should the voting system be degraded to
 refuse to allow me this expression of my belief? 

	I think I must be missing something major here (sorry:I've had
 less than an average of 5 hours of sleep a night for the last 10 days
 or so, and in my old age my faculties are failing me)

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