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Re: Better quorum change proposal, with justifiction

Sam Hartman wrote:
> I think I'm willing to agree with you here that quorum is not a great
> name for what we have in Manoj's proposal.

i also got hung up on the use of the word ``quorum''. 

at first, i saw the word quorum, and i saw that that was not at all what
was going on. i assumed that the people initially drafting the system
meant quorum, not some ``buy-in'' thing. so i crafted an amendment that
restored the meaning of quorum to quorum.

it also brought us closer to a Condorcet/Cloneproof SSD method of

after pondering, i came up with another idea tht gives us a pure
Condorcet/Cloneproof SSD, provides with applicable buy-in, and supports
supermajorities. please see
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