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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD vote tallying

Raul Miller wrote:
> What Anthony is trying to point out, and what you're pretending to
> ignore, is that what "D wins" means is "no one wins, and the vote
> is thrown out".

no, this is not the same. one is a legitimate, binding vote with a real
bona fide winner. the other is a nullification.

> Since you perhaps haven't read Manoj's proposal well enough to
> see that this is the case: I challenge you to show any 
> >>difference in outcome<< between these two circumstances.

easily: DPL elections. a thrown out and rescheduled DPL election is a
lot different from None of the Above winning. 
    Debian Constitution (proposed) Section 5.2.7.

-john, who is supposed to be _enjoying_ this weekend.

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