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Re: Robonson wins; Debian v monotonicity (was Re: Some analysis of DPL 2003 results

Drake Diedrich wrote:

On Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 09:46:06PM +1200, Craig Carey wrote:
[something or other]

  If this was a real post and not a troll ... you need to be a *bit* less
emphatic with your opinions and more clear with your justifications.  The
modification of IRV to handle equally ranked ballots was clear, but pretty
irrelevant with respect to the validity of Debian's Condorcet method.
When I said "I'm not trying to kick up any dust", I meant it. As many have pointed out, the results are evidence that the system worked. If you are wondering whether or not Craig's post is a troll, I think that depends on your point of view. I'm certain that Craig is expressing his sincere opinion. He's got a long and illustrious history posting to the election-methods list which ... speaks for itself:

I'm particularly fond of the message from a couple of years ago titled: "More falsity: Concavity is what we want, better that than a triangle" The subject says all.


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