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Some analysis of DPL 2003 results

Hi all,

Being the election methods geek that I am, I decided to do some analysis of the last DPL election. I've posted the results of this here:


I ran through a few scenarios using Instant Runoff Voting to tally the votes instead of using Condorcet. The result depended on whether tied ballots are allowed. Allowing for tied ballots (and improvising a way to deal with them), Martin Michlmayr still wins the election. However, strictly following the rules that were just enacted in San Francisco for future mayorial elections, Branden Robinson would have won.

At any rate, I'm not trying to kick up any dust or call the legitimate results into question. My take is that the analysis seem to further legitimize the results.

Anyway, enjoy.  Let me know if you have questions.

Rob Lanphier
(not wearing his Helix Community hat this weekend)

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