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Re: April 17th Draft of the Voting GR

>> On 18 Apr 2003 00:42:44 -0400,
>> Anthony DeRobertis <asd@suespammers.org> said: 

	Most of these seem to be style issues, I'll comment inline.

 > On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 10:57, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> 3. Votes are taken by the Project Secretary. Votes, tallies, and
 >> results are not revealed during the voting period; after the vote
 >> the Project Secretary lists all the votes cast.

 > "Votes, tallies, and results are not revealed until the voting
 > period is over."

	I see little difference between "during the voting period" and
 "until the voting period is over."; indeed, the former is shorter,
 and no more ambiguous. 

 > "Votes, tallies, and results are revealed only when the voting
 > period is over."

	More verbose, yes, but not necessarily more clear.

 >> The voting period is 2 weeks, but may be varied by up to 1 week by
 >> the Project Leader, and may be ended by the Project Secretary when
 >> the outcome is no longer in doubt.

 > "when the outcome" -> "if the outcome". According m-w.com, "if" is
 > more used for "in the event that" than when.

	Style issue. When is more correct, since we are talking about
 a variable point in time, not talking about an outcome at some fixed
 point in time. "may be ended by the secretary whenever the outcome .."
 is how I think about it. 

 > "The voting period lasts one to three weeks as decided by the
 > Project Leader. The Project Secretary may end it if the outcome is
 > no longer in doubt."

	As I said, I think when is the better choice here. 

 >> In this context, we ignore the possibility that people might want
 >> to change their vote.
 >> ______________________________________________________________________
 >> Under 6.1 Powers [of the technical committee], change item 7 to
 >> read:
 >> 7. Appoint the Chairman of the Technical Committee.  The Chairman
 >> is elected by the Committee from its members. All members of the
 >> committee are automatically nominated; the committee vote

 > "the commitee votes" --- otherwise, this sentence has no predicate.


 > Considering the "vote ... for any fellow committee member" below, I
 > think the "All members ... nominated" above should just be struck.

	I think the voting GR is trying to make the minimal changes to
 the constitution to fix the voting process, and not do a general
 rewrite of the language of the constitution. 

 >> starting one week before the post will become vacant (or
 >> immediately, if it is already too late). The members may vote by
 >> public acclamation for any fellow committee member, including
 >> themselves;

 > /me curses at lack of proper gender-neutral pronouns, notes that
 > should be "including himself". Or "oneself" if its a particularly
 > British day.

	Languages change. 

 > Also, I suggest striking fellow --- it conflicts with "including
 > (insert pronoun[s] here)."

	Well, yes, but I think minimal change over-weighs this lacuna.

 >> there is no default option. The vote finishes when all the members
 >> have voted or when the outcome is no longer in doubt. The result
 >> is determined using the method specified in section A.6 of the
 >> Standard Resolution Procedure.

 >> Replace A.3 with:
 >> A.3. Voting procedure
 >> 1. Each resolution and its related amendments is voted on in a

 > s/is voted/are voted/

	Each resolution _is_ voted upon. Each resolution (and
 associated stuff) _is_ voted upon. Each -- _is_.

 >> single ballot, that includes an option for the original

 > Strike the comma.


 >> resolution, each amendment, and the default option (where
 >> applicable)..

 > Typo: Two periods at end of sentence.


 >> 2. The default option must not have any supermajority
 >>    requirements.
 >> Options which do not have an explicit supermajority requirement
 >> have a 1:1 majority requirement.
 >> 3. The votes are counted according to the the rules in A.6.
 >> Unless otherwise specified, the default option is "Further
 >> Discussion".

 > Move "unless otherwise specified" to the end of the sentence; is is
 > confusing right now. It appears to refer to the previous sentence,
 > but actually doesn't.

 	Umm. There is a period at the end of the previous
 sentence. However, I see no harm in shifting the sentence around.
 >> 4. In cases of doubt the Project Secretary shall decide on matters
 >> of procedure.

 >> ______________________________________________________________________
 >> Replace A.6 with:
 >> A.6 Vote Counting
 >> 1. Each voter's ballot ranks the options being voted on.  Not all
 >> options need be ranked.  Ranked options are considered preferred
 >> to all unranked options.  Voters may rank options equally.
 >> Unranked options are considered to be ranked equally with one
 >> another.  Details of how ballots may be filled out

 > s/may be/are/

	No. Instructions do not tell you how the ballots are filled
 out -- this is not soviet russia ;-). I think may be is a better fit

 >> will be included in the Call For Votes.
 >> 2. If the ballot has a quorum requirement R any options other

 > quorum requirement, R, ...
 > maybe: option, A, ...  default option, D, ...
 > ratio, N, ...

	Style issue. We did have the comma style at one point, and
 discarded it for the current version, which does tend to flow

 >> is less than V(B,Y).  Also, (A,X) is weaker than (B,Y) if V(A,X)
 >> is equal to V(B,Y) and V(X,A) is greater than V(Y,B).
 >> b. A weakest defeat is a defeat that has no other defeat
 >> weaker than it.  There may be more than one such defeat.
 >> 6. If there are no defeats within the Schwartz set, then the
 >>    winner
 >> is chosen from the options in the Schwartz set.  If there is only
 >> one such option, it is the winner. If there are multiple options,
 >> the elector with a casting vote chooses which of those

 > s/with a/with the/



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