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question about DPL election results


on the "Debian Project Leader Elections 2003" page at


I read that "With 831 developers, Q=14.41353531, making a quorum of
43.2406059, or, rounding up, 44. Only one candidate failed to meet
quorum."  To find a cadidate which failed quorum I would look for a
number less then 44 in the fifth column of the tally table.

But there is no such number.  So my question is: who did not meet
quorum?  How can I see this from the tally table?

Just for reference: the constitution web page states currently in
section A.6:

    8. If a quorum is required, there must be at least that many votes
       which prefer the winning option to the default option.  If
       there are not then the default option wins after all. For votes
       requiring a supermajority, the actual number of Yes votes is
       used when checking whether the quorum has been reached.


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