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Re: Questions for the Debate

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

> I will need to ascertain if this remains a problem, and talk with the
> DAM about various issues: whether the DAM team needs to be expanded,


> As with the Release Manager, the first thing to do with a delegate is
> *talk* to them.  More importantly, in fact, *listen* to them.

No offence, but in my experience[1], you've had lots of trouble
communicating with the existing DAM and Release Manager in the past;
what's going to change in that regard when you're DPL?

[I'm not necessarily blaming or judging you; I don't have any conceits
 about my communication skills, but that doesn't change my question.]


[1] And as always, I speak only for myself (and not the Release
    Manager or anyone else).

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