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Re: A question for all candidates

On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 05:02:09PM +1100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

 > Also, it would show me that the project actually thinks that the
 > tasks I listed in my platform are important, and that the project
 > stands behind what I'm doing.

 I must have missed the memo.  Since when does this project work like
 that?  Last time I checked, the way we do a lot of the things you
 mention in your platform was by rolling up your sleeves and start
 working.  If "the project actually thinks that the task [you are doing]
 are important" people join you in your effort.  For example:

 * "First, I think there are several problems with the sponsorship
   system.  There is no listing of sponsored people and hence it is
   quite hard to keep track of them."

   Obviously good and obviously backed up by QA people.  No need
   whatsoever to be DPL to get this going.

 * "Second, I will re-introduce the New Maintainer postings."

   Obviously backed up by several people.  More than once people have
   asked what happened with this.  No need to DPL status either.  Only a
   good working relationship with the NM admin people is needed.  If DPL
   status is required for that, we might as well pack our stuff and go

 * "Third, I intend to put more focus on inactive developers."

   I'm starting to sound like a broken record.  Again, certainly backed
   up by QA people.

 * "The web site is too impersonal" (bug#76187)

   Why would anyone need to run for DPL to get such a thing done?  This
   is examplary of "roll up your sleeves and do it".

 As you put it yourself "as DPL, I will encourage similar efforts. You
 don't have to be DPL to get things done."  Exactly.  That's the way
 this project works.

 On the rest of the section entitled "internal functions" you resort to
 hand waving arguments revolving arround the idea of "face to face
 contact", which might or might not be a really good thing.  My personal
 impression from your platform is that you take that imagery of "the
 fearless leader" too seriously.  That kind of leader, the one that's
 cheered up by the masses when he makes personal appearences, is surely
 a good thing for fun (and therefore motivational) value, but that's
 rarely the kind of leader that gets to office by means of a vote.

 If I had to write an abstract for your platform, it would include the
 phrase "personal contact is the basis for good teamwork", since that's,
 after a couple of readings, the meat of your argument.

 In short, I'm still missing the answer to "what would make Michlmayr a
 better D*PL* than Bdale or Branden?"  (No, I didn't forget Moshe)



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