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Re: Questions to all candidates

> That feels like progress to me, but I haven't looked recently at what's
> still in non-free and so I don't have any personal opinion about how
> "important" it might still seem to our users.

Thanks for reminding me to reinstall "vrms" and see how I stand at this
point, an interesting exercise for anyone who is interested in the
"freeness" aspect of their install.

I've never seen anyone suggest doing anything very official with
"popularity contest", either, but I'd like to see it get
mentioned/suggested at install time, and to see us use that data for making
decisions about things.  For instance, I bet one could glean from it right
now that various versions of KDE >= 3.0 are installed on a significant
number of machines, indicating some level importance for some number of
users.  (I'm not trying to start any flame fest of any kind, but I guess
I'm pointing out how we have a bit of infrastructure already that could be
used to infer some things about users.)

Take care,
Dale E. Martin, Clifton Labs, Inc.
Senior Computer Engineer
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