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Re: Questions to all candidates

osamu@debian.org (Osamu Aoki) writes:

> What shall be done if there is a conflict between "user" and "freedom".

>  [X] Seek amicable compromise

Until/unless our Social Contract changes, that's what we've promised to do!

I passionately support freedom.  I care about our users.  For what it's worth,
I can't remember any specific instance where I personally felt those were 
in conflict.

> Do you think we need to change situation over non-free?

My answer to a nearly identical question from Jordi Mallach during the campaign
last year still reflects my thoughts on this pretty well:


If it matters, "non-free" appears in sources.list on many fewer of my systems
than it did a year ago.  That feels like progress to me, but I haven't looked 
recently at what's still in non-free and so I don't have any personal opinion 
about how "important" it might still seem to our users.


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