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Re: Questions for all candidates

> 6. Many people complaint that the pool is too bloated, priorities too
>    generic, too many packages to pick the right one from the list...

> [x] making some packages be more "important" to others is bad and will
>     make create some kind of "elite" and "second class" packages
> [x] we need a way to priorize the packages, review them, set keywords
>     on the package (desktop/edu/demudi/...) and setting the appropriate
>      priority for the target user group
> [ ] the problem exists but I hope someone will fix it after my DPLship
> [ ] there is no problem, the current system is just right

I really think we should focus on making our base system and other
important as stable as possible.  I have once tried to organize a Base
Bugs Week, but it was unfortunately not very successful.  So, yes, I'm
certainly for giving priority to certain packages.  However, we should
make sure at the same time that "less important" packages are not
totally forgotten and left to rot.

>7. There are lots of backport series for Woody environment because
>   people do not want to wait two years for a simple update, eg. when
>   their software is not supported by ancient versions in Woody...

Please see my answer to question 3.
Martin Michlmayr

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