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Debian Project Leader Elections

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        We are well into our three week nomination period (which ends
 on 2003/02/14 0:0:0 UTC), which by my calculations is 4 days, 2
 hours and 42 minutes at the time of writing. We have two candidates
 who have nominated themselves.
	The campaigning period starts on 2003/02/14 0:0:01. Voting
 shall start on March 7th (2003/03/07 0:0:0 UTC), and shall end on
 2003/03/28 0:0:0 UTC.

	I would like to publish candidate platforms on 2003/02/15, and
 rebuttals shall be published on 2003/02/21. Candidates, Please let me
 have the platforms at your earliest convenience.

        Again, it is suggested that the platform include at least 3
  a) Introduction/Biography
  b) Major Goal/ Meat of the platform,
  c) Rebuttal. 
        (the last section to be added a week afterwards)

	David B. Harris and Adam Heath have volunteered to conduct
 the DPL debate on IRC, probably towards the end of the month (some
 time after the rebuttals are posted. Anyone willing to serve on as
 panelists should contact them; and they shall be in charge of
 setting the rules and format of the debate itself.

	A sampling of end user sentiment issues, and potential
 questions, are to be found at http://www.debianplanet.org/node.php?id=902

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