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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections

* Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [2003-02-04 15:23]:
> If there is strong sentiment that vdale ought to get his full
> years worth, we may have the new DPL's term start on the 10th.

Since I raised the objection, let me add that I'd be happy with this.

22:11 < Manoj> tbm: when the vote happens may not be when the
               dpl-delegate becomes the dpl
22:11 < Manoj> note the constitution does not state whether there is a
               gap in when the vote ends and when the term starts
22:29 < willy> I don't see the problem with voting early and having
               the term start a few weeks after voting has finished

Martin Michlmayr

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