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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections

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        We are one week into the nomination period for candidates for
 the position of the Debian Project Leader. The Nomination period this
 year starts today, 2003/01/24, and shall end on 2003/02/14 0:0:0
 UTC. Voting shall start on March 7th (2003/03/07 0:0:0 UTC), and
 shall end on 2003/03/28 0:0:0 UTC.

        Prospective leaders should be familiar with the constitution,
 but, just to review: there's a three week period when interested
 developers nominate themselves, followed by a three week period with
 no nominations [intended for campaigning], followed by three weeks
 for the election itself.

	I intend to collect platform statements from the candidates,
 and publish them on a known location (somewhere under
 www.debian.org/vote). The candidate platforms shall be published on
 2003/02/15, and rebuttals shall be published on 2003/02/21.

        I suggest that the candidates send the platform, preferably in
 HTML/SGML, to the secretary at least a couple of days before the
 publication date.

	This year, there is going to be a story on
 http://www.debianplanet.org/ where users shall be asked to submit
 questions that the panelists at the DPL debate may select from to put
 before the candidates; allowing for some end user input into the
 debate. Candidates may wish to peruse the story to see if there are
 things that they may need to put together their platform.

	Again, it is suggested that the platform include at least 3
  a) Introduction/Biography
  b) Major Goal/ Meat of the platform,
  c) Rebuttal. 
	(the last section to be added a week afterwards)

	Speaking of the debate, I would like to invite people to be
 panelists for the IRC debate (to be held on irc.oftc.net). The debate
 should be held on IRC after the rebuttals are posted, and before the
 voting starts, at the convenience of the candidates, and the
 panelists (which kinda puts it roughly at the end of February, I

	I would like to have a chair for the panelists, and hand off
 the actual selection of other panelists (who may or may not be debian
 developers) and running the debate to the chair (to minimize any hint
 of collusion with current office holders, including me).  I hereby
 invite volunteers for the debate chair and panelists; these
 volunteers shall be responsible for setting the rules for the debate
 and selecting the questions for the candidates. 


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