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Debian Project Leader Elections

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        According to the constitution (5.2. Appointment), project
 leader elections should begin "nine weeks before the leadership post
 becomes vacant, or (if it is too late already) immediately."

        In 2001, pre-ballots were issued on 7 Mar 2001, with the
 real ballot going out on march the 8th. The end of the voting period
 was on the 28 of March, 2001; and the results were announced on March
 29. Last year we started a couple of weeks late: the nomination
 period started on 2002/02/06, and ended on 2002/02/27; voting started
 on the 21st of March, 2002, and ended on the 10th of April.

	The Nomination period this year starts today, 2003/01/24, and
 shall end on 2003/02/14 0:0:0 UTC. Voting shall start on March 7th
 (2003/03/07 0:0:0 UTC), and shall end on 2003/03/28 0:0:0 UTC.

	I see no reason why this should hold up other votes on issues
 under consideration, so we can vote on the voting process while the
 DPL election process is underway.

        Prospective leaders should be familiar with the constitution,
 but, just to review: there's a three week period when interested
 developers nominate themselves, followed by a three week period with
 no nominations [intended for campaigning], followed by three weeks
 for the election itself.

	I intend to collect platform statements from the candidates,
 and publish them on a known location (somewhere under
 www.debian.org/vote) at the end of the nomination period and the
 beginning of the campaign.

        I suggest that the candidates send the platform, preferably in
 HTML/SGML, to the secretary at least a couple of days before the
 publication date.

        This should give the candidates enough time to craft their
 platforms, I should think. The format of the web page is open to
 discussion, but I suggest there be at least three sections:
  a) Introduction/Biography
  b) Major Goal/ Meat of the platform,
  c) Rebuttal. 

        After the publication, there share be a one week period for
 each candidate to create a rebuttal, and the rebuttals shall be
 published on 2003/02/21..

       In the past, we have conducted DPL debates on a special IRC
 channel set up for the purpose. Perhaps we should set up one this
 year as well.  The time to do so would be after the rebuttals have
 been posted by the candidates, and the campaigns have been well
 established, and people have had time to think up questions.

        Please make sure that nominations are sent to (or cc:'d to)
 debian-vote, and are cryptographically signed.



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