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Re: current A.6 draft

On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 02:54:31PM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
>           b. A defeat (A,X) is weaker than a defeat (B,Y) if A is not
>              the default option and V(A,X) is less than V(B,Y).  Also,
>              (A,X) is weaker than (B,Y) A is not the default option and if
>              V(A,X) is equal to V(B,Y) and V(X,A) is greater than V(Y,B).

I think you left out the definition of weaker for the default
option, no?  Actually, before I noticed that you exclude the default
option, I was going to say I like this.  I think that using the
supermajority ratio when determining defeats, but not when
determining strength of defeats, is probably the best policy.  An
example that motivates this is in my message with subject
"supermajority options".

Other comments on the draft:

    - Please use either tabs or spaces consistently.  ;-)

    - Not handling general (non int-1) supermajority ratios would be
      silly.  As long as it will be understood that the n in n:1
      need not be a whole number, there's no problem.  But it might
      be better to mention this possibility explicitly.

    - I find use of terms before their definitions jarring.  But
      since nobody else has complained, that's may just be me.


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