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Re: supermajority options

>>"Chris" == Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> writes:

 Chris> On Nov 24, Branden Robinson wrote:
 >> How do we know this would happen at all, let alone "ad nauseum"?

 Chris> I can't prove that it *would* happen, but it's a definite
 Chris> possibility.

 Chris> It also encourages proponents to compromise with opponents
 Chris> (thus encouraging consensus), as gathering a 2:1 margin is
 Chris> relatively hard.

	I think this is a critical point. Ideally, a volunteer project
 would work with unanimity; we would all be of like mind, as in the
 halcyon days of yore.  And we would all work in lockstep, in perfect
 accord, and so on.  Unfortunately, reality sets in, and we are
 unlikely to reach unanimity in most decisions.

	A supermajority is the next best thing: it makes people work
 towards a compromise, a position that has the buy in of all but a
 small minority.

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