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Re: supermajority options

On Nov 24, Branden Robinson wrote:
> How do we know this would happen at all, let alone "ad nauseum"?

I can't prove that it *would* happen, but it's a definite

A scenario: Assume controversial subject X arises and the developer
community is evenly split, pro/con.  Vote #1 occurs.  6 more pros turn
out than cons.  Losers decide to get that vote overturned; since
they're ticked off, they turn out more in Vote #2, where the repeal
wins by (say) 7.  Now the pros are pissed, demand another vote, and it
is reinstated by 4 votes.

Now, assume a 2:1 supermajority requirement.  Assume even the
developer community is split 2:1 for.  If Vote #1 wins, repeal is
extremely unlikely, as it would require a 2:1 margin to repeal; this
is robust to a large degree even in the face of differential turnout,
where the simple majority requirement isn't.

If Vote #1 loses, the game might be repeated ad nauseum until it
passes.  But at least the risk of lurching back and forth is reduced
substantially, and this requires proponents to maintain a long-term
interest in passage.  It also encourages proponents to compromise with
opponents (thus encouraging consensus), as gathering a 2:1 margin is
relatively hard.

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